Sunday, 9 February 2014

Moto G Drivers For Windows

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Its always essential to download drivers for a phone, especially for an android phone. So here it is! The drivers for the Moto G (Windows )

Why need Drivers?

Well if you are going to root your Moto G you'll need drivers and trust me they are hard to get! So here are the drivers for the Moto G by " Moto G Lover "

How To Download These Drivers? 

Click on the link provided below you'll be redirected to the download page. When you click on download, the drivers will start to download automatically. 

How To Install These Drivers? 

Installing isn't really rocket science. You just click next, next and install that's it! 
Its easy for 64 bit as its a setup but for 32 bit its different. Instructions are below.

Is this driver for the Google Play Edition or my ordinary version?

These drivers work for both versions. 

Is this for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of my pc? 

Umm.. Kind of. You see the installer of drivers for the 64 bit is really easy, just like installing a software you usually do on windows. But for installing the drivers of Moto G in 32 bit system you'll have to do this:
When Windows detects the device for the first time, point it to where you have extracted the contents of that zip.

 Okay! Where are the download links ?

whoa! cool down buddy here they are:

32 bit : Download Here ( Mediafire Download link )
64 bit:  Download Here (Mediafire Download link )

Please report us if the links are down. Enjoy!


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