Saturday, 8 February 2014

5 Reasons To Buy A Moto G

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Are you looking for a budget mobile, and you are not sure whether you have to go with the Moto G ? Well its the best budget mobile and you must go for it for sure! Here are the reasons:

#1: Budget Mobile

As mentioned already its the best Budget Mobile for this period. Its just for Rs. 12,499 ( 8 gb ) and Rs. 13,999 ( 16 gb ). When compared to the alternatives at this price range, this is the BEST mobile, mark my words. Yes, you may have seen many mobiles from companies like Xolo or Micromax, but guys this is Motorola! So, you can go for it RIGHT NOW!

#2: From Google

Yeah! We do know that Lenovo has now acquired Motorola, but when the Moto G was manufactured it was a Google company. You must know ( if you don't know already) that Google owns Android. Thus you  get many advantages like Faster Updates.

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#3: Android

I mean Android is now the most used OS ( Android and iOS ). Any app anyone designs probably gets published at the Android Play Store and iTunes at first. I need not explain the advantages of Android but still for those who don't know about Android, it is an awesome mobile OS in which most of the mobiles are powered today. This is the main advantage of using Android.

#4: Development

The Moto G is available all through the world, so obviously you will see more and more developers for this mobile for sure! Development of this Mobile includes threads, guides, roms for this Mobile at XDA forums ( The forum for all android mobiles ). You can easily customize android too!

#5: Awesome Performance

Oh yeah! Its really awesome for a mobile at this price. You can play games like asphalt very easily because of the snap dragon processor. It has a 5 megapixel camera but it supports HD! You can also play 720p videos without lag in this phone which is really cool too!

From Bharadwaj's View
I am Bharadwaj Giridhar (BG) from Twecco Solutions and  I really love this mobile! I planning to buy one as a backup to the phone I am going to buy ( iPhone 4s ). You should really buy this.
You can buy this phone right now! Buy it fast before it gets out of stock
8 gb: ( link )
16gb: ( link )


  1. - this is my review of Moto G! Such a great phone ;)