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Ultimate Guide To Unlock Boot-Loader And Root The Moto G

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So you're probably wondering what's a boot unlock and why you must root your Moto G. Well, that will be explained in this post!

 What the hell is Unlocking a Boot-Loader?

The bootloader performs basic hardware initialization, verifies the integrity of the operating system, starts the operating system, and provides a method to update device software. This validation is important to verify that the software loaded on the device will not damage sensitive components (radios, processors, etc.) or violate regulatory or carrier requirements. Google provides a base bootloader as part of the Android operating system, and most device manufacturers optimize this for their specific devices.

This is the definition provided for a Boot loader at XDA-forums. I hope this clears up to you. If you don't want to understand what it is, and just want to root your phone. Ignore it keep reading!

What is Rooting ?

That word is something I can write about for hours! But to summarize, Rooting your Moto G means to access file system of android by which you can customize android to a level you can't even imagine! If you have used an iDevice before you would have probably heard of jailbreaking. Jailbreaking and rooting are kind of the same ( Not exactly, but for a comparison ). 

What are the Disadvantages of Rooting my Moto G ?

Well there are many advantages of rooting the Moto G than the disadvantages. But here they are: 
  • It voids your warranty ( So if you are going to the customer care after rooting your Moto G, be sure to unroot if you are going to the customer care! )
  • Your data will be lost. So make sure you take a backup of your data - Files, Contacts, SMS and everything! before performing this guide.
  • When you root your Moto G you will never get any updates from Motorola ( Updates like software updates, where you update your phone to newer Android versions).

Before you perform anything

  • Make sure you have backed up your data. 
  • Have your phone's battery like above 70%
  • Make sure that you know what you're doing. Don't be over smart and mess things up. Just follow the guide and you're good to go! 

 Downloads [ Important ]:

You can download the files here:

Superbot : link to download
Boot Unlocker: link to download

Steps to Root Your Moto G 

Here it is finally! Be sure to follow all the steps, because we don't hold any responsibility if you mess up with your phone!

  1. Download the files mentioned above. 
  2. Create a new folder in the Desktop named " Moto ". 
  3. Now open up Command Prompt if you are on the Windows OS, or the terminal if you are in a Mac. 
  4. Now run the following command " cd Desktop ". 
  5. Now type cd followed by the folder name ( Moto in our case ). Your command will look like cd moto
  6. Turn off your Moto G and boot into the bootloder by pressing volume down and the power button simultaneously! 
  7.  Now type in "superboot-windows.bat (if you’re on windows) " or " ./ (if you’re on mac) "
    Here is how it will look like!
  8. Now your phone will automatically reboot! 
  9. When your phone restarts you will see the super user app installed in your Moto G. 
  10. All The Best! 


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